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No Rules, Only Guidelines

by State of Emergency

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released January 1, 2003

Mike: Vocals | Andy: Rhythm Guitar | Dan: Lead Guitar | Erik: Bass | Dave: Drums


all rights reserved



State of Emergency Milwaukee

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Track Name: Defy the Defiant
Listen as you tell me not to listen to you--
you build a punk society.
Dogmatic disestablishmentarianism.
You continue to construct what you’re trying to pull down.

You’re building a fucking empire
by the number of your piercings and the height of your Mohawk.
You’re ruining a mighty legacy
by deafening it with fashion and conforming to your own kind.

It’s the girl in the church with the "Fuck Jesus" shirt.
The professor who decides to teach against the grain.
It’s the lemming that lives and the martyr that dies
like a lone beacon of light, like a snowflake in the sky.

Not the materialistic music industry.
Not the poseurs and the marketers who want to buy your soul.
Not the "punks" who put down legends for "American Lesions."
Not complacent wasted hackneyed punks who dress for the show.
Track Name: Where the Red Carpet Ends
Your solace is gone,
the campaign is done.
You rise from the smog
and take a look around.

The feeling is wrong,
and nothing will change.
Your empathy false.
Your voice is broken!

When you think you think you knew it
you waste away the very soul.
And when you failed to feel you blew it!
And nothing is gonna save you now.

I never saw you in the window
shapeless, staring down.
The words they came
like docile children:
innocent--not done wrong.
You sang a song to soothe the feeling
but music don’t last long.

Friend listen, try to hear me.
I speak words that beckon
to the very heart and soul.

The mind it sings in ways that
words cannot stab at these hearts
with the thorns from a thousand days of old.

I’m sunk to shame. You fade away.
You once had come to me with dignity
but now I’m left with lies.
Track Name: New Mission
Ambition, competition.
Got some place to go, a new mission.
Fuck tradition, my condition-
no more feeling, repetition.

Confession humble, like to tell you straight what I've been feelin'.
You feel so too at least you say that thought somewhat appealing.
So I lay low and take it slow to see just what the deal is.
(SAVE ME!) So I take time.
But would you lie?

Day in, day out.
Thought in, none out.
Pinin', reelin',
thinkin', feelin'.
Somethin', no doubt.
Silence, i can't shout.
Hopin', dreamin'.
But what are you feelin'?

(I'm fallin' faster)
(I'm crashin' harder)

Now spoken loud to let you know, but stuck on tongue I'm chokin'.
I'm finally out with it, but now I find you only jokin'.
I opened up and took a chance on you, my feelings broken.
(SAVE ME!) Don't waste my time!
Don't try to try!

My heart is on the street like broken glass, the blood is flowin'.
I once had thought of nothing else but you, my mind set knowin'.
But then you blew me off, I'm walkin' off and I'll continue goin'.
No more lost time.

Not one more try.
Don't ask me why.
Don't even sigh.
Don't fuckin' lie.
Just fuck off!

Don't fuckin' lie!
Track Name: Trophy Room
Hey you there- what are you doing?
You’ve got so much worth and so much time
why are you waiting?
And what- what are you doing?
Why are you sitting stewing
when you could be out there living?

Hey brother - you’re busy wasting.
Your entire life was thrown away on little nothings.
What have you done with your life until the present?
Have you seen?
It took you know where further on
but still it was your precious little dream.

Hey buddy - you’re busy draining.
You sit alone at home in darkened rooms
filled with your past obsessions.
And you- you sit squinting
from the shred of light that shines to show
your lack of talent.

Alone now you’re nothing you sit still just breathing,
but something is watching, it’s giving you reason
to think there are horrors in shadows and corners.
You’re watching the borders: they’re breaking, they’re failing.
Each second keeps ticking. The pendulum swinging.
The fear that is building, you’re darting you’re freaking.
Now sweating, you panic. Inaudible static.
Reality hazy, you’re finally crazy

You’ve got nothing left of your dreams
and what will you do now?
So what have you got now?
So what have you got?

Hey Fuck - you got nothing.
No luck - or ambition.
No social security or single amenity.
You were the social scene
but now they’ve left you do be.

Hey brother - you’re wasting.
You’ve got no more further means to live,
you better think quick.
What will you do and
where will you go to make it?
Either act right now or lose it.
Just make a decision.
Track Name: The Deafening Silenced
Let me interrupt you
for just a second,
'cuz my sense of hypocrisy is second nature,
and your censorship
sounds like an awful bad case
of suburbia
suffocating my freedom.
There’s nothing left.

(Hold my breath) I can scream through silence.
(With eyes closed) I see through double standards.
(Open heart) Releasing my aggression.
(Let it go) Allow your mind to wander.

Protecting your children’s precious
ears from the pointed words in media.
But daddy uses these words
a hundred times a day and
one little profanity gets you going like a toaster in a bathtub.
You're so detached!

And when did you
become so concerned with the way I express myself?
I’m fucking glad if what I say gets a rise out of you
it’s supposed to!!!

Track Name: Angels of Fortune
Misled girl suited in a baby doll tee.
A glittered face to prove popularity.
Like an army trained to be a conformist conspiracy,
so innocent - yet brainwashed.
They want their MTV!

They’re told to love that, told to be this, told to want him.
Sold to feelings of shallow happiness.
Buy this album, walk this way, forget your reason, give in today.
We only want your soul!

So the innocent boy and girl give in.
Their dollar lost but they assume they’ll win.
Pay for happiness, pay for thoughts, pay for your friendship, it’s what we’re taught.
They know not what they do!

Hark! The horrid record sings:
Glory to this beautiful thing.
But make her show her tummy and a little bit of ass.
Then sing a hymn of pointlessness and make her wear a mask.

She’ll do it for the money, she’ll give up her life.
She knows that she don’t want that but they called out her price.
Give her a future, make her a follower, buy her life only for a dollar,
And control her mind.

So the innocent boy and girl give in.
They think that she’s the greatest thing that will ever happen to them.
Explore her body, waste her talent, does she have a choice? I highly doubt it.
Throw it away and do it again-