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Not In Our Name

by State of Emergency

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Today, I leave the plan behind. Burning the pages is my new past time. In some ways, I new it’d come to this. I’m creating a monster that never should exist. It's falling down around me and I can feel it from all sides. It's way too far to walk but I won’t accept a ride. When you see me laying on the ground it's best to pay no mind. You don’t want to be around when I use what’s deep inside of me on you. There’s nothing you can do and nothing left that you can say 'cause my mind’s not going to change. Hey, why are you still here? I thought I said there’s nothing for you here. Now wait, I didn’t say to leave, I just want someone to believe in me. Leave me out of this dumb charade. It’s not the point and it’s not what I’m trying not to say. It’s like all those silent movies: they’re so bleak and so black and white. It’s like you are the actor and something just doesn’t seem right. Now I’ve never felt this way. And somehow I think it’s here to stay. Change is coming up ahead. When you plan for change you change the plan instead. It’s falling all around me and I never will escape. I never found the answers cause they’re all to far away. It’s falling all around me and I’m losing all the time. I try to pay attention but I haven’t got a dime. It’s falling all around me and I’ve never failed to rhyme, but today I think is going to be the day I’m going to die. Its falling all down on me and I’m slipping here I lie in this state of fading fame that’s falling fading in the sky.
(BURN THE VILLAGE TO THE GROUND!) for freedom! (SHOCK AND AWE!) Heaven's falling down! "Operation: Clean Up Daddy's Mess" is failing. Who will pay for you self-righteous acts? (WE WILL!) Different generation but the same BULLSHIT! (THIS IS NOT A TEST!) (WE ARE STRONGER!) (ONCE WE WERE SILENT!) (BUT NO LONGER!) We the people pledge that we'll resist. We will not be party to a witch-hunt in our name. We the people pledge that we'll resist. We hold you responsible and you will take the blame. You can't tell the world to "bring it on" in our name, you are not the people's president. (FIGHT BACK!) This movement won't settle for the same BULLSHIT! (THIS IS NOT A TEST!) NOT....IN OUR...NAME!!! This nation will be reborn through resistance and rebellion.
80 Proof 03:40
The spirits are beckoning me they're always calling. They ask me to bring my friend Nicotine and when I meet them I start drowning. They pour their soul into me and their 80 proof dichotomy. I try to let them comfort me, but disillusion is all that I see. There's no answer, so I keep on searching. I have one more and the hopelessness fades away. My prison is in a full bottle, but hell is in an empty glass. Depression has become sobriety that lasts. The vice is constantly squeezing. Just another ounce to relieve the pressure. The simple sedative seduces the mind. Reckless the measure. I lose it all but there's nothing to find. Tonight I'll find no comfort, no solace or solutions, and I'm twisting in my skin-- it's too thin. My life is like a shot glass-- too quickly is it empty. And I shatter into shards on the bar.
If I / if you / if we / were true / were true--- would go now would you make the fucking time? would try now would you make up fucking lies? You played me like a total fool would you make it twice? What would you do? I never blew it all, I never fucked it up, but you do all the time. I thought that you were mine. I never broke your goddamn rules. You made ‘em up for us to use, but all you use them for is to abuse. What would you do? I thought you’d always understand, the way you always held my hand. Behind my back I never saw the clues. What did you do? You never said something was wrong. I should have known it all along, but what you did- there’s no excuse. What should I do? What would you do with me? Rather what did you do with them? You leave me with a choice of what to do with you. Might not have been there all the time. Might not have answered all your cries. My attention’s not perfection, but I can’t see through shrouded eyes. You danced around the problem when I asked if you were happy then. You can’t rekindle that which isn’t new What should I do? If I / If you / If we / were true --- But I can’t / and you’re not / and we aren’t / This might be it--- What should I do?!
Promethetic in your intentions, you're scorching your fingers as you grasp at the flame. Display your pride while your children are dying. Your words may sound different, but the message is the same. You're fighting a war that's out of your hands. Building an empire, disguising your plans. The noose has been tightened, the children are frightened, the parents outraged, but our freedom is safe. The focus has shifted: to gag all the gifted, to silence dissention with prolonged detention. Innocence lost; the ultimate cost. The time to act is now, but I still wonder how it got to be this way. So bleak, so gray. Look into yourself realize you're wrong. The decision to engage will only fuel the rage. My last question is: How'd it come to this. What we never wanted time forgot and allowed it.


Engineered, recorded, and mixed by David Wojnar.
Assistant Engineer: Daniel Struebing.
Produced by State of Emergency.


released August 15, 2006

Andy: Acoustic & Electric Guitars
Woj: Drums & Harmony
Erik: Voice & Bass Guitar
Dan: Acoustic & Electric Guitars
Additional voclas: Derik Dandy


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